From my personal collection

The equipment offered for sale below is from my personal collection. These items are not available in quantity, usually I have only one of that item to offer.   I have primarily Kenwood hybrid related equipment, but I have also collected hundreds of items from Collins, Heathkit, Bird, Shure, Astatic, Atlas, Swan, and many other manufacturers from Ham Radio's"golden era." I will offer new equipment as time permits, as I go over every piece of gear one-by-one and make sure it is better than described. My XYL thanks you in advance for freeing up some space in our house!

I provide a rating system that should help you to gauge the condition of each item.  I try to be very accurate, as I don't want to hear back that a piece of my stuff was not up to your standards!

You can return any item for any reason for 7 days after receipt. You don't even have to give a reason. If you don't like it, simply return it. You will receive a 100% refund, all you pay is shipping.
(There are no handling fees, EVER!).

Let's keep it simple - I have a great reputation, and I'd like to keep it that way. You want great equipment, I want you to have great equipment also! Period.

The Fine Print: (1) If you return something, you have to return exactly what you received - Packed the way it was shipped, with insurance equal to the purchase price. (2) Your warranty excludes damage caused by you, either physical or electrical - I warranty things that I'm responsible for, only! (of course!)


New In Box - Brand new, perfect.
Unused, original merchandise, perhaps some bin rash on the box.
Used, perfect, as new
Used, excellent, a few signs of use
Used, functionally fine, some rough edges
Used, functional, not "pretty"
Used, check description for details

Shure 55 Mic Restoration

Here's a series of pictures that provide an example of how one piece of equipment was brought back to a happy life.  This mic was disassembled, cleaned, and new fabric and new shock gel was installed.  It is now ready for another 35 years or so!

Keep a bookmark set to this page, this classic 55SW mic will be listed soon!

Vibroplex Vibrokeyer Gold

  Beautiful Keyer with 24K Gold plated base, with Deluxe jeweled spring loaded movement single lever paddle, bright decorative Chrome parts.  Here is the Vibroplex page.   They get $322 new, and this one is as close to new unused as you can get.  Ready for display or CW use in your shack!

See More pictures Here

250.00 Plus 18.00 Domestic Shipping

Shure 55SH Series II Microphone

The Shure 55 Unidyne is an iconic U.S. microphone, being used by Elvis, JFK, Doris Day, Sinatra, MacArthur, Dietrich, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, and many, many others.  Why not add yourself to this list?? 
Great Sounding Dynamic element will work superbly with all Kenwood hybrids, and help provide that professional on-the-air sound known and loved much of this past & present century.

Bird Model 43P Wattmeter - Good -
9V Battery clip missing Terminal
w/1000H Slug

    Bird 43P Wattmeter with case.  One 1000H slug is included, a Bird 2 to 30 MHz 1000W,  Perfect for Kenwood hybrid use.   Standard N connectors for HF, VHF and UHF use.
One 9V Battery clip is missing, so I can't test the Peak hold function.   The replacement Keystone 1291 9V battery clip is readily available online.


4 Bird Wattmeter Slugs: 50W, 100W, 500W, 1000W

    Set of 4 slugs for the Bird 43P wattmeter (above). The 1000W unit has normal wear from use. The other 3 look brand new. 50W (400-1000MHz), 100W (100-250MHz), 500W (2-30MHz), 1000W (2-30MHz)

Sold only as a set of 4


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