I am no longer able to provide Repair Services
I've begun a list of alternate Kenwood service providers in the list below

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My Kenwood Hybrid Service Bench

Top Shelf (From Left)
Tektronix 475 250MHz oscilloscope, HP 5302 Universal Counter, (On Top, Bird Model 43 Watt Meter with Peak reading Module), BK Precision 104 3GHz Frequency Counter, Heath Model IG-72 Audio Generator, Bench Speaker, Wavetek Model 3002 Signal Generator, Pyramid PS-35 12V 35A Regulated Power Supply.
Above the 3002 - Swan Mic (Shure 444) and Yaesu YH-55 Communication Headphones for testing.

Lower Shelf (From Left)
Wavetek 148A DC-20MHz Function Generator, HP 5381A 80MHz Counter, Sencore LC-53 LCR Meter, Mirage MP-1 Power/SWR Meter, Bird 150-ST-FN 50 Ohm Dummy Load, Ballantine 3440A RF Millivoltmeter, Dick Smith MK-II ESR Meter, Variac 500VA, BK Precision 1650 Tri-Output Power Supply.

Hakko 703B Triple Soldering Station with Vacuum Pump and Desoldering Tool.

Here is a list of Hams that work on Kenwood hybrids and have known good ratings by other Hams


Call Web Page Email Location Specialty
Terry Wagoner K9TW Michigan all hybrid
Jimmy Lamanteer WB2KNR New Jersey ts-520

Please submit your name for inclusion on this list if we have communicated before


For your reference:
Here's the Checklist I used during the restoration of a TS-830S

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