Restoration of a Shure 55SW

Mic is disassembled, necessary leads unsoldered, and the old silk/foam remains are stripped from shell.
Parts are cleaned in solvent and steel wool where necessary.  Short or broken wire are replaced.

I forgot to take pictures while making the new silk/foam fabric to line the insides of the grills.  
I dug through the garbage to find these scraps for taking pictures after my last fabric making endeavor,
Essentially, a very "breathable" open cell foam is laminated to your favorite color of open weave silk using
3M #77 spray adhesive.  The silk and the foam become as one, and are cut to line the walls of the mic

Here the foam is attached to the mic shell insides.

Here you can see the color of the new mic fabric  as it peeks through the grill.
The mic now looks and smells like a new microphone, with foam and silk aromas in the air!

Here are all of the parts just before final assembly.  The new mic isolation mounts are the latest miracle gel foam pads.

A couple of pics after final assembly.   The mic from the "singing or talking" end.

The mic as seen by the audience or web cam!

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