Some Hard-to-Find Kenwood Parts
Last Updated Apr. 2022

I was shocked to see so many parts needed for successful restoration of these wonderful rigs going away.  I guess in this day of surface-mount digital equipment, there is just not enough demand to keep manufacturer's production lines going.  Since I repair and restore these Kenwood classics, I have to find or make what's needed to keep these rigs up and running.  Here are some parts that I have available for your restoration efforts, I will try to continually add to this list. 


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$10.00 Minimum Parts Order (before shipping)

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TS-520, TS-530, TS-820, TS-830

These are getting hard to find, and very expensive for the 4-setscrew units.  I have tooled up, and make exactly what we need for the Kenwood bandswitch and other shaft repairs. 

Solid brass, with four 3mm x 0.5 x 3mm setscrews.  The outer diameter is only 0.375", so you can install it without taking the radio apart!  See INSTRUCTIONS.

Will fit all hybrid models, but is especially useful to replace the breakage-prone nylon band switch coupler on the 820, 530 and 830 models.

These are made for metric use, for Kenwood, Yaesu, and other Japanese brands, with 0.236" shafts.  The nominal 0.238" I.D. is a nice slide fit with the metric shafts, but will not fit 1/4" U.S. shafts. 

SC-M2            (1-Pack)  9.95

SC-M2-3        (3-pack)  24.95

SC-M2-10    (10-pack)  79.95


Click here for a movie showing them being made!


The right shape, size and wattage for replacement of all Kenwood Panel Lamps including TS-520, TS-530, TS-820, and TS-830 models.

Rated 12V, 50 ma, 4mm dia., 6" wire leads.  Long life, and brightness & color matches originals perfectly.

PL-4   (4-pack)  5.00


PL-20 (20-pack)  19.95


TS-530  TS-830

Finally!  The long awaited K4EAA relay module that replaces the now obsolete NF4EB-12V and Omron parts.

It is constructed from an FR4 PC module that has the identical size and pin placement of the original relay.   Except that this time, two commonly available (from many mfrs.) DPDT relays are used, and plug into the relay module using two high quality machined pin IC sockets with gold contacts and rated a full 3A!

The top photo shows the complete RL-1 module that you will receive, ready to install on your board.   The bottom photo shows what the module consists of, and how easy it is to replace relays with no unsoldering of the module.

The relays are large,heavy-duty Tyco D2n style, with AgNI gold covered contacts, rated 3A,  250VAC, with excellent low current characteristics.  Thay are rated for 15,000,000 mechanical operations and 2,000,000 electrical operations at 6V 100ma - Close to our use!

See how to locate, diagnose, and test your relay, here on the RL-1 Page.

RL-1    (1-Pack)   29.95

RL-1 image

Spare Relay Set for RL-1
TS-530   TS-830

Spare set of Tyco/Axicom relays for the RL-1 Relay Module.   Just in case the industry ever abandons this ubiquitous form factor, you'll be prepared!

D2n, 12VDC, non-polarized coil, 3A 250VAC gold contacts, 6ms operate time.  Package of two.

RD-2N  (2-pack)    11.99

Tyco Relays

TS-530S  TS-830S

A problem with this relay can cause both receive and transmit problems of an intermittent nature.  Kenwood Part# S51-4401-05 was discontinued many years ago.

Here is a pin-for-pin drop-in replacement that will cure that intermittent ALC and slow comeback receive you may start to experience.

See how to locate, diagnose, and test your relay, here on the RL-1 Page.

Kenwood Parts has replacements for $38.21 + S&H -  I was very happy to find this unit instead!

On the left is the Omron part, and the new replacement on the right.


   *** No longer available *** Use the RL-1 shown above.


TS-520, TS-820, TS-520S and TS-820S

Now shipped with the original Kenwood cupped screw-on plugs! 

(PL-9K Shown Below)

All the parts necessary to build the hard-to-find VFO cable for the 520/820 series of hybrids used in conjunction with a VFO-520 or VFO-820.

This kit contains two 9-pin Kenwood VFO plugs, together with 25" of 9-conductor shielded cable.

You do the assembly, and provide the solder and about an hour of your time.

The top picture shows the parts provided, and the bottom picture shows a completed cable assembly.

Assembly Instructions are available here.

CA-9K      14.50  X


Please Note:  This is a Kit and must be assembled by you!

VFO PLUG for 520/820

Enables the internal VFO in a TS-520, TS-820, TS-520S or TS-820S when a Remote VFO is not present, or can be used to build cables.

These are the original, last remaining stock of the Kenwood 9-pin connectors.  The back cover threads onto the pin carrier, which features easy-to-solder solder cups.

For use as a Remote plug, pins 8 and 9 must be jumpered.

PL-9K          6.95 ea  X



for TS-530S and TS-830S

I was going to offer completed cable assemblies, until I realized that it took me an hour to assemble one! 

These kits contain the two hard-to-find Kenwood-style 8-pin DIN plugs (The ones with the strange spacing) and a 25" length of nice multiconductor shielded cable.  The cable is round, very pliable, and works perfectly.

The top picture is the kit components, and the bottom picture shows a completed assembly.  All you add is solder and an hour of your time.

Assembly instructions are available here.

CA-24    16.95

Please Note:  This is a Kit and must be assembled by you!


Replacement Power Cord for Kenwood TS-520, TS-520S, TS-820, and TS-820S.  Proper 2-wire construction (see FAQ), with polarized plug.  .

PC-2    29.95 Each.


for TS-520S, 820S, 530S, 830S

Two sizes and configurations of handles to replace the broken or missing handles on your rigs.  These are attractive vinyl handles with unbreakable spring steel inserts to easily lift your 40lb. treasure!  The covers are chrome plated for lasting looks.  Stainless steel designer oval-head mounting hardware including nuts & washers is included.

HDL-52 fits 520/820       11.95

HDL-53 fits 530/830       11.95
Permanently Discontinued
by Mfr.


Complete set of cables as needed to connect a DG-5 digital display unit to a TS-520S or TS-520 with a DK-5 Adapter.

This set includes a 12V power cable with keyed connectors and inline fuse, and a molded 3-cable assembly that can handle the 35 MHz HET signal needed for proper operation. 

Gold plated contacts, 18"+ length matches originals and works perfectly.

CA-5     24.95/Set  X

DC Power Plug Discontinued by Mfr.


Resistors are not hard to find, but it's often a pain to find exactly what you need in small quantities, and shipping and handling fees may get excessive.

I have 2 Kits, one for the 520/820 series, and the other for the 530/830 series.  Included are the cathode resistors and a set of 3 screen resistors. These will replace the resistors that are usually damaged or destroyed in rigs that have been overdriven. All resistors are non-inductive metal film or metal oxide, flameproof construction, the good stuff.

RK-52 for 520/820  3.49 Each

Consists of (2) 10 Ohm 1W 5%, (2) 100 Ohm 1/2W 1%, (1) 470 Ohm 1W 5% 

RK-53 for 530/830  3.49 Each

Consists of (4) 20 Ohm 1/2W 5%, (2) 100 Ohm 1/2W 5%, (1) 470 Ohm 1W 5%

Click here for "Why not Supersize?"



If your HV seems to sag a bit under key-down, odds are that your 25+ year old HV electrolytics have decreased in capacitance, or increased in ESR.  Either way, it's time for replacement.  This kit provides 2 modern high quality 120uf 500WVDC electrolytics, two 0.01mfd 1KV bypasses, and two 470K 1W 500WVDC resistors to restore the entire HV filter section.

The new electrolytics fit the existing mounting hardware perfectly, and the 20% increase in capacitance will provide higher power output.


HV-150B  Kit   34.95


Yes, I have plenty of stock on these hard to find caps . . .


Set of two mounting clamps with all the hardware necessary to mount either the original or the HV-150B replacement kit.

Needed if your radio no longer has the original clamps.  Capacitor not included!

HVC-100 Kit    6.49



Kit of four (4) 22uF 450V Heavy Duty 105 degree C replacement caps for filtering the screen and driver voltages in all models.

The exact size, shape, and lead spacing as the original 530/830 units, but with improved ripple current and temperature ratings.

These can also replace the dual section units in the 520/820 models by mounting the caps on an 8-lug terminal strip.

HV-22 Kit    12.95


Kit consists of the 3 most commonly damaged, hard to find parts when the final section has been overdrivenIncludes:

  • Class1 0.001 mfd 3 KV Low DF Disk Ceramic kit
  • 0.01 mfd 2 KV Disk Ceramic
  • 6.8 uh 500ma RF Choke

These are top-quality parts selected for their stringent requirements!

Click HERE to see details of what they replace

FR-100 Kit    5.99


Repairman's 5-pack  24.95


Important Information:

Murata Caps going obsolete!   Read About it Here.


Package of four (4) 1N6263 Schottky diodes for use as replacement diodes for the Kenwood double balanced diode mixers.  Lower noise figure, better linearity, modern replacement for the 1N60 Germanium diodes used in the originals.

SD-400 Kit   2.99


4-Pin Mic Connector for all the Kenwood hybrid models. 

MC-4         4.99 ea


Snap in Plunger and Grommet sets fit the original mounting holes perfectly!  Used on the TS-520 and TS-520S, these fasteners attach the side cover plate that conceals the VOX and bias adjustment pots.

Plunger heads are 0.1" taller and shaped to allow for easier removal - No prying tool needed.  Bottom photo shows the original (back) and the new (front) fasteners installed.

PG-200 includes 2 complete assemblies (two plungers, two grommets), all that's needed to properly attach the side door.

PG-200 Kit  (2 pairs)    4.99
Enough to attach 1 door


PG-200-5  (10 pairs)   16.95
Enough to attach 5 doors   



Replace those missing or corroded screws in your hybrid!  These screws are used throughout the hybrid chassis for attaching the final cover, fan housing, and just about everything else! Very hard to find, with the trucated point and 1mm thread pitch.

Heavy zinc plating on steel, a snug fit in the original threads, will even repair some holes stripped or crossthreaded by improper hardware.

HW-50    Pkg/25 Screws   2.75


HW-50-4   Pkg/100 Screws  9.95



Beautiful 18-8 Stainless hardware matches the patina and sheen of the original hardware, but this time, no more rust!.  This Kit consists of twenty M4 x 8mm Phillips Pan Head case screws, enough for any 520, 820, 530, or 830.   It also includes four M3 Phillips Oval Head speaker screws also in 18-8 SS.

Great for sprucing up your rig, essential for a restoration.

HW-10  Pkg 24 Screws    3.99


K4EAA K1 Knob
KB-1 Replacement! 

Finally!   The K1 upgrade knob  is now a reality!   A large billet of 6061-T6 aluminum machined into a beautiful knurled knob with a ball-bearing supported spinner!   The ultimate knob for Kenwood radios.

Beautifully machined, ultra low pressure bead-blasted, and professionally anodized to a durable bronze color matching the original Kenwood KB-1 knob!

See the complete story here:

If you are tired of seeing beat up KB-1's going for $150+ on eBay, look no further.  Smooth, heavy, and beautiful!

K1-B    (Original Bronze)
K1-DB (Dark Polished Bronze)
K1-C    (Clear)

K1 Temporarily Unavailable  X

Find more info HERE

With Hardware

Natural rubber feet with molded-in reinforcing washers for long life.  28mm diameter by 16mm tall, tapered as shown.  Fits all TS-520, 820, 530, 830.  Includes M4 x 0.7 x 10mm pan head Phillips screws for attaching to Kenwood chassis.

These feet will resist the cracking commonly found in the originals.

FB-40 Set of 4 Feet    4.99


FB-45 Repairman's 20 Pack  21.95


Includes mounting hardware



These Nylon plugs fit the TS-820's, SM-220's, and R-820's nicely.  You can replace those crumbling rubber plugs and restore the finished appearance to your rig.

This is what I've been using for restorations, now you can freshen your rig's appearance on the cheap!

HW-25   Pkg/3    2.50



I get so many rigs in with 32V automotive fuses that I suspect the proper fuses are less common on your grocer's shelves! 

The 32V fuses may not open (fuse) properly, you really should use the right part.  3AG fuses rated 6 Amps, 250VAC fast blow.

FS-106   Each   0.85


FS-106-10 Repairman's 10-Pack 6.50


12BY7A Replacement

The replacement for the 12BY7A that I have been using is a 7054/8077, which is a ruggedized 12BY7A made for business radio use. As you'll recall, the 12BY7A is made for TV use. The 7054 is otherwise identical, but a bit shorter and made for business radio use, and being bounced around - "It takes a licking, but keeps on ticking" I have used a 7054 on my test bench for years as a 12BY7A substitute. The original one never failed. We substitute NOS 7054/8077 for the NOS 12BY7A. 

12BY7A NOS    14.95 



While hunting down and buying niches of NOS 50 year-old vacuum tubes for our rigs, I run across some in a lot that test fine, but have had the lettering wiped from cleaning attempts, water damaged boxes, test results written on them, scruffy cosmetics, etc.

These test very good, most as new, so I save them - I can't throw away a perfectly good tube!   Well, now I have a bunch saved up, and I'm offering them to you cheap.   Guaranteed to test and work fine, or you can return anything you don't like for refund or replacement - Your choice!

C-12BY7A      8.95




It is far better for your rig if you can keep metallic tools as far from the alignment adjustments as possible!   Please, don't ever use allen wrenches to try to adjust your 520 & 520S coils - The core will simply break and become immovable.  Also, never, ever use a metallic adjustment tool for neutralization!  You will make big sparks, and you could become an SK!

AL-1 is a double-ended nylon hex alignment tool that fits the coils in the 520 and 520S perfectly.  Two ends, twice the life.  5.5"L

AL-1    3.95


AL-2 is a double ended 1/4" hard plastic screwdriver with thin blades that will fit the neutralization cap on the 520, 820, 530, and 830 series.  It is tough enough to take the torque in that thin slot - Mine is 2 years old, tested on over 200 rigs.  6.75"L.  It also slides under the Kenwood knobs and pops them free without marring the panel.

AL-2    3.95


AL-3 is superb for adjusting the Kenwood relay contacts!  It has a bifurcated (split) point that allows you to bend the flat contacts anywhere you desire - Very hard to do with any other tool.  I've been using one for 40 years and never realized these are now sold  as "soldering aids!"   Made from tool steel with a black oxide finish for long life.

AL-3   4.50



Kit of twenty (20) 1K 3W 5% Metal Film resistors to build a dummy load as shown on my web page here:

Selected especially for their accurate impedance at 1K resistance out to over 200 MHz.  Good power handling, could be used air-cooled for short durations, such as 100W for 10 seconds key down, or several minutes in a mineral oil filled quart can as shown at the above link.

NEW!  Now the kit also includes a BAV21 diode!

LK-R1    12.50 


See my FAQ for information about new shrinking part sizes and RoHs here:


High quality schematics printed on large format 24" x 36" sheets.  These can actually be easily read by most of us!

These are black and white prints made on a very large laser printer and are extremely crisp and legible.   I have these PDFs available for free download here:

The problem is getting them printed in a large size at a reasonable cost.  These are printed from the original HUGE files from my scanner, before compressing for download.

The price includes USPS shipping, and a storage/mailer tube with plastic end caps for safe storage between uses.  Prints are rolled, not folded, into 24" x 2" sturdy cardboard tubes.

If you're like me, you might even consider framing one for your shack!  I will be adding more schematics as time and finances permit, right now the TS-830S main schematic is available.  See the PDF link, above, for content.

SM-830S  12.99
TS-830S Main Schematic


Includes a reusable storage tube.


The K4EAA Personal Equipment Sales page is up and running again! 
These items are not available in quantity, usually I have only one of that item to offer.   I have primarily Kenwood hybrid related equipment, but I have also collected hundreds of items from Collins, Heathkit, Bird, Shure, Astatic, Atlas, Swan, and many other manufacturers from Ham Radio's"golden era."

I will offer new equipment as time permits, as I go over every piece of gear one-by-one and make sure it is 
better than described. My XYL thanks you in advance for freeing up some space in our house!

The sales on my personal page are shipped and invoiced separately from those made on this parts page.  Check out my stuff HERE.

How to Mail in your order if you don't want to use online Payment -  U.S. Orders Only

You must pay via a USPS Postal Money Order.   Send your order with payment to: 

You can use the shopping cart to assemble and price your order.  Just don't check out!  When finished, print your order and mail it to me with your name and address, and M.O. payment enclosed.   Please remember to include 4.99 shipping.

Thanks and Best 73's, Ken K4EAA

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